Rent my house


Male, 6, from United Kingdom

Luxury Penthouse Pad in the heart of SE 1

Speaks: English

Work: Training, Development and Events

Education: Ampleforth College, Hull University, Bristol Old Vic

About me:
I have been living at The Jam Factory with my young family (now) for the past ten years and we are looking for a change for six months to a year heading north to Scotland. I run my own company called tradesecrets which designs training programs for corporate entities and also has a public performance faced enterprise putting and filming shows in public forums. My wife has been working for the BBC for many years and together we are now ventured on a new idea for which we want to take some time out. If you fancy coming to the Jam Factory it is a fabulous hub for creative adventure with great people and great access to the heart of all that London has to offer. Call me if interested. Sam

Luxury Penthouse Pad in the heart of SE 1
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