Rent my house


Female, 27, from United Kingdom

I am looking for a 2 Bed

Can you offer a rental around London

Speaks: English

Work: Full time mother

Education: College

About me:
Hi my names amy I live in Southampton I am trying to move to London any part I''m not too fussed I don''t really know any area in that city so I''m just looking for a 2 bed for me and my son he''s 2 in June I will return to work and start collage in September coming so I will not always be on benifit s please could you find me somewhere that will take dss and if you find somewhere that would let me have a puppy in the near future but no the most important issue .also I can not get a garrantour but I can get reference from my landlord I''ve been with him over a year never once had a problem with me