Female, 25 from France Joined September 09, 2020

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Private rental

1 bed Studio in London

happy for homeowners to contact me

What I do for work

Buyer's Admin Assistant in Selfridges

About me

Hi, My name is Ambre (call me Amber!), I am from France and have been living in the UK for 6 years. I work full time in Selfridges, I am a Buyer's Admin Assistant in Selfridges (yes, lots of free food and drinks). I am looking for a new place to call home where i could move in with my cat. I am idealy looking for a studio or one bedroom appartment with space for a bedroom area, living room, a kitchen with all appliances, a private bathroom and ideally an access to a garden for my cat (not necessarily for me, as long as he can go out). I can provide reference from my current lardlord for my cat (he is a very well behaved kitty) as well as for me and I can also request a confirmation of employment from my work.