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  • Age: 140

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2 bed Flat in Central City of Westminster


happy for homeowners to contact me

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Self employed

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Hello there! We’re Hekta and Sopha a soon-to-be-married couple embarking on an exciting journey from Birmingham to London. As we step into this new chapter of our lives finding the perfect 2-bedroom apartment to call home is at the top of our priority list. Hekta Autsa brings with them a wealth of experience as an engineering consultant having worked with H.R.R.G LTD in Birmingham. We’re both eager to explore London’s vibrant neighborhoods diverse cultures and endless opportunities. Our love for simplicity and the joy of sharing life’s moments together drive us in our quest for the ideal space. We understand that home is not just a place; it’s where love and dreams flourish. Outside of our apartment search we enjoy indulging in London’s rich history art and culture as well as experiencing its bustling culinary scene. Whether it’s a cozy neighborhood or a stylish city-center pad we’re committed to finding the perfect apartment that suits our lifestyle.