1. We will accept no responsibility for people's inability to exercise caution, use common sense and make sure that everything is put in writing.
  2. This website provides a free platform for buyers (renters) and sellers (homeowners) to make contact with each other. We do not assist, guarantee or get involved in any rental transactions, financial arrangements, rental agreements or discussions.
  3. We do not ask for commission on the money you make from your rental. This service charge is one payment only to list your advert and to help protect against fake adverts.
  4. Advert promotional features are optional extras.
  5. It is free for visitors to contact homeowners.
  6. Homeowners need an approved advert to contact visitors directly.
  7. Cost(s) for adverts and promotions are non-refundable.
  8. Advert content is checked before going live. Please keep them appropriate and relevant.
  9. We accept no advertising of external businesses or other websites inside your advert.
  10. This site provides a platform for buyers and sellers to make contact. We do not help, guarantee or get involved in any rental transactions, rental agreements or discussions after the contact has been made.
  11. Any cost(s) will go towards management, promotion and hosting of your advert as well as maintenance, administration and development of Londonrentmyhouse.com
  12. When you place an advert you will not own any part of this website, but rather you are granted the right to submit an advert which will then be published on Londonrentmyhouse.com.
  13. Your advert will go through an approval process before it is available for public viewing. Anything we deem inappropriate or offensive will be rejected.
  14. Approval of your advert will be made as soon as possible following placement.
  15. NO obscene/offensive/adult images/links/text will be accepted, and we decide what is appropriate for this website.
  16. Scammers will NOT be tolerated and anything which is not a true advert will result in immediate account and advert removal.
  17. You are able to submit as many adverts as you like.
  18. You can edit the advert once it has been approved by changing the text and images.
  19. You are can not remove or delete your advert. However, you can make the advert visible or invisible to public viewing (in your account).
  20. Your advert will remain online. You will be notified if anything changes and your advert needs to be removed for any reason.
  21. If in the future you want your advert removed completely from the site send an email to webmaster@Londonrentmyhouse.com and stating your username and which advert you would like removed, but you will not get a refund.
  22. Images must be in GIF,JPG, BMP or JPEG format, and a reasonable file size
  23. Images must NOT be animated.
  24. Email address must be to your correct and existing email address and in the correct format such as 'terms@terms.com'. Incorrect email addresses could lead to a loss of communication with potential business.
  25. There might be occasional downtime for site maintenance but we will try and keep these to a minimum.
  26. Londonrentmyhouse.com is a means to advertise rental accommodation and to help put homeowners in contact with visitors. We take no responsibility for the rental agreement between advertiser and visitor.
  27. The actual rent of your property and any contact, financial arrangements, pricing, payments and discussions made between yourself and the potential customer are entirely at your own discretion.
  28. Any advertising on this website must be discussed with and then approved by the website owner before it can go live.
  29. It is your responsibility to ensure all necessary checks are made to ensure a safe and professional rental agreement.
  30. We reserve the right to make changes to the content of the website, remove your advert at any time as well as changes to the domain name if the need arises.